Day 10 – Nero in Warner Springs


April 25, 2016:  Got up early with a real hankering for a hot breakfast in Warner Springs.  I was not dissapointed.  I arrived at the extremely hiker friendly Warner Springs Community Center and was greeted by Pine who had camped there the night before.  I was grateful for a hot cup of coffee and, so looking forward to a hot breakfast at the Warner Springs Golf Grill.  The friendly community sheriff was offering rides to the post office (near the golf course), so I hopped aboard for the ride.  Pine picked up his resupply box and then we headed over for a nice breakfast – indoors from what was becoming a downright chilly day!

On our walk back, we were offered a ride by another friendly local Gary Kent, who let us visit his sweet dogs before climbing into a nice warm car for the ride back to the community center.  He even donated to my Crowdrise for The Humane Society of the United States.  Thank you so much! 

The Warner Springs Community Center really makes hikers welcome, providing a small resupply store, laundry buckets and soap, bucket showers, wifi, computers, charging stations, books, movies, as well as opening its lawn to hiker camping.  I decided a “nero” (nearly zero) hiking day was in the cards for me.  After laundry and shower, I settled in for a rainy night and the cooking school made a pasta dinner. 



Miles: less than 1

Elevation gain/loss: 0ft

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