Day 0 – April 15 in San Diego

April 15, 2016: Arrived at Scout’s and Frodo’s (no, their parents were not twisted – these are “trail names”) house in San Diego and about 20+ hikers and I were treated to snacks, the most amazing dinner (thank you chef Joker!) and a pep and preparation talk.  Scout was at a PCTA meeting but I was fortunate enough to meet Frodo — they are they most amazing trail angels and I really could not believe all they do for the hikers all season long.  Meeting people like this is just one of many reasons I wanted to hike the PCT.  Met the hikers I would start the trail with and many more that I would see along the way.  There are so many hikers coming from around the world to hike the PCT — I was picked up at the San Diego airport with two Aussies and one Swiss, and met more from Germany, UK, Ireland.  This will be a trip to remember in so many ways.

We are all nervous and will be having breakfast at 5 am tomorrow before even more volunteers pick us up to drive us to the Mexican border tomorrow at 6 am.  We weighed our packs and, with food and water for a 20 mile waterless stretch, my pack weighed a soul crushing 39 pounds!  I was not in the minority.  Still, cannot wait to be on the way!

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