Day 1 – Mexican Border to Hauser Creek

20160416_072649April 16, 2016:  All nerves getting up this morning and not much sleep because of the same last night.  We started the trail at around 7:30 am after the drive from San Diego and photos at the border.  I put on my pack and immediately fell straight on my bum — so embarrasing!  Water weighs a ridiculous amount and I know I packed way too much food.  Still, it was a beautiful morning!

Spring is here and the hills around San Diego are in full bloom.  Still, as this is the Pacific Crest Trail, we had some climbing to do and it was much harder than one could anticipate.  Wanted to make a solid 20 miles but exhaustion and blisters held my progress at around 15 to Hauser Creek.  Many many hikers in the trail today – only got a few moments of hiking solo.  But, during those few moments, while stopping to rest, five eagles flew above me playing in the wind, and two border patrol officers came by and chatted for a bit about the hike and how many of us hikers they had seen that day.

Camped with Katie and her family,Eddie and Lorian,and Alicia.  There were several other hikers camping gear near the Creek – all of us having started the day saying we would make it to Lake Morena – Ha! As one descended to Hauser Creek, one could see the next climb up the hill side toward Morena and just knew it couldn’t be done on such tired feet!  To bed now….

Miles: 15.36

Elevation gained/lost: 1442/-1789ft


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