Day 2 – Hauser Creek to Lake Morena


April 17, 2016: Morning started eventfully – went to dig my first cathole and left my tent with my backup glasses on for the chore.  Found a nice secluded spot, dug and everything successful until my glasses fell off my face.  Now, to give you an idea of my distress, I am very, very blind and my glasses are black rimmed.   So, here I am, patting the twig, rock strewn ground trying desperately to find my glasses by touch.  And, not exactly the moment one wants to call out to fellow campers for help!  Just when I was about to give up and walk back to my tent, put contacts in, and walk to my potty site to continue the search, I found them!  Yeah!

It would have been better not to see the blisters on my feet though.  Looking at my blisters and the steep climb up Morena Butte ahead into Lake Morena, I decided a mere five mile day was in store for this novice hiker.

Hiked out of camp with Alicia and Lorian — Eddie trudged ahead of us all.  Lorian fell behind to take care of some of her own business, and Alicia and I limped ahead.  Both exhausted.  We made it to Lake Morena, set up camp, and immediately went to the Oak Shore Grocery and Deli down the road for a good greasy burger and some minor resupply, including marshmallows for the campfire that evening.  The folks at Oak Shore were amazing!  We love them.

Trail angels (people who supply random acts of kindness to hikers) brought beer and Eddie supplied more and we enjoyed a night of toasted marshmallows and beer after a nice warm shower!  Ah — life is good again!

Miles: 4.6

Elevation gained/lost: 1376/-619ft

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